Let the Soulful Sounds of T.J. Hooker Taylor Soothe You

Soul South Entertainment Artist T.J. Hooker Taylor carries on the Blues and Soul legacy of his Father Johnnie Taylor.

T.J. Hooker Taylor comes from a musical family. His mother, Mary Ann Hooker, and father the late Great Johnnie Taylor, raised him in the church. Along with his family and at the age ten he joined his first group, The Young Golden Voices, who performed at all the churches in the Kansas City area. At the age of 16, T.J. stared a R & B band, called The Grand Jury Band,  who opened for many top acts that came to the city like The Bar-Kays , Cameo Slave And Many More.

At the age of 21 T.J.'s young voice started to change. "I could hear that (Taylor Sound) I had never tried to sound like my dad. I didn't even like the Blues, but on my 25th Birthday I was given a chance to open for my Dad and get paid, " says Hooker-Taylor. "That's when the Blues hit me.”

Unapologetically proud of his lineage, Hooker-Taylor has released CDs independently with that Johnnie Taylor sound, albeit with mostly new, original songs. His most recent, "The Total Package" featured the hit song "Player Haters.”

CDS Records signed JT Hooker-Taylor and released two albums by him—2009's "Your Babies Need a Daddy" and 2012's "Taylorized.” In 2015, Taylor began performing with local Gospel group The KC Clouds.

Don’t miss this incredible performance by T.J. Hooker Taylor at Mardi Gras Sports Café.

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Event Time/Date:
Saturday, February 4, 2017 –7:00 PM

Event Venue Location:
Mardi Gras Sports Café
2040 Headland Drive
Atlanta, Georgia 30344

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